Technology - Staff Global Group

Innovation and technological solutions

We offer ad hoc solutions oriented on the one hand to provide logistical process management with maximum efficiency and on the other hand to offer the latest in audiovisual technology. Our IT team is constantly developing intuitive and secure applications that offer reliability and relevant information for impact assessment and control, and also designing new ways to make each project a unique and innovative experience.

Management and control applications

Comprehensive management of promotional actions

Maximum efficiency in team management.
Personnel database with full coverage in Iberia.
Campaign planning.
Control, geolocation and coordination of teams.
Management of unexpected recruitment and dismissal.
Reporting and data analysis
Report management.

Software for immediate stock management of all your warehouses

Stock control.
Generation and reading of codes.
Stock control.
Online stock status.

Identify influencers and staff in targeted RRSS

Influencers by location, age and lifestyle.
Geolocation of staff.
Selection of staff by their degree of presence in RRSS.
Identification of the most prominent influencers by areas.

Software for the creation of menus

Creation of menu designs
Fast and intuitive personalization

Optimization of event Management

Communication Management.
Real-time interaction.
Sponsored messages.
Segmented communication.

Scenography and audiovisual technology

We have the latest technology aimed at creating a unique environment at each event. We design customized audiovisual products and provide interactive solutions to create emotions and continuously generate new experiences.

Design of customized audiovisual projects, Interactive solutions, Videomapping, Streaming, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, 2D and 3D animation …